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Kain-Murphy Funeral Services is built on a ninety-five year tradition of serving the Haddonfield community with excellence and compassion. Although ownership has changed hands over time, our dedication to serving the community remains the same as when Arthur Holl and James Stretch first opened their respective funeral homes in the early 1900’s. The story of Kain-Murphy gets it foundation from the two parallel histories of Mr. Holl and Mr. Stretch.

Arthur H. Holl opened his first funeral home in 1908 in Camden, NJ. He later opened a second funeral home in nearby Haddonfield and in 1956, consolidated his businesses at 15 West End Avenue, Haddonfield. His son, Earl, carried on the family business after service in the U.S. Navy during World War II. Then in 1954, while still in high school, Blair M. Murphy took an interest in assisting at the Holl Funeral Home. Blair graduated from Eckels College of Mortuary Science in 1960 and worked for the Holls until 1973, when he purchased the business from Earl Holl and renamed it Holl Murphy Funeral Home.

interior3The other side of the Kain-Murphy story started when James Stretch opened the doors to Stretch Funeral Home in 1910, and then moved his business in 1917 to the historic site at 8 W. Kings Highway. Mr. Stretch dedicated his life to running a caring and supportive funeral business. He passed on those values and his business to two longtime employees, Bill Evans and Abe Eggleston in 1963. Evans soon bought out Eggleston and renamed the funeral home Stretch Evans Funeral Home. Later Eugene Kain, began working with Bill Evans in 1978 and purchased the business in 1979. By 1984, the name was again changed to Stretch, Evans & Kain Funeral Services and then simply to Kain Funeral Services in 2000.

Gene was the third owner of Kain Funeral Services and became the fourth owner of the Holl Murphy Funeral Home. When he acquired the business from Blair Murphy in 2001, he consolidated both businesses at 15 West End Avenue and renamed the business Kain-Murphy Funeral Services. Together with the dedication of longtime manager/director, Pam Powers, he maintained the business’s reputation for compassionate and excellent service.

foyer-two-chairsMost recently, in the evolution of the firm, Pam Powers took over the ownership reins and will continue to carry on its traditions with the help and expert advice of Gene Kain. As the fourth owner of the business, she is looking forward to continuing the successful practices that have sustained the company for the past century.

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